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Join the Magic Retreat
October 2024

RISE 2024

You are here to Shine your unique LIGHT. 

You are not here to live the life of others, you are here to walk your own beautiful path. There is a way that makes you feel lighter, brighter and more connected. Join this amazing 7 - days Journey to RISE UP in your own time! 


You were born with wings, learn to use them and fly
~ Rumi

Aliye van Pijkeren
founder SoulWare

My own spiritual journey started in 1989. I'm a certified yoga & meditation coach. I live my life from a deeper flow and my biggest mission and joy is to learn others how to do the same.  My company SoulWare is founded in 2015. After more then 7 years I felt it's time for a next level and steps. So I have created new online programs that you can follow here and will support you during your Inner Journey.

With love,


Special Gift for You

Listen here  for FREE to my most valuable

Guided Meditation ' Within your Space' 

Inner space guided meditationSoulWare
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 Inner Journey Programs/ Retreats 2024 





Give your body Love, Attention and good Care. It will respond by radiating LIGHT in every cel, through every cel.

What other people have experienced

Everything I create for my soul business comes from my heart. I'm grateful for this wonderful path and I thanks the Universe for all the beautiful people that crosses my path, again and again. You can read here some experiences of others..

Marianne Berendsen

“Aliye is a fantastic Yogateacher
and leads a group with the perfect balance of gentle encouragement and limit-challenging guidance. Her extensive knowledge is both impressive and reassuring. ."

Louise van der Sande

" During the lockdowns I followed the  Online Yoga Classes of Aliye and this gave me a feeling of deep connection and safety in a period of fear and insecurity ." 

Stephanie Hameeteman

During a YogaRetreat that Aliye organized I followed her workshop: Conscious Manifestation and this has brought me exactly at the right place concerning my work and I have found my ' dream job. "

Free Journey

Give yourself a relaxing  silent time by following this 3 - days Online Journey.  By subscribing on my newsletter. You will receive a link to enter this Journey in  a few seconds. Free acces available until May


Stay in touch and get inspired

Thanks for the connection,

With gratitude, Aliye

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