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A beautiful Story

About being authentic

Be inspired about this beautiful story about imperfection & love. 

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Once upon a time


In a land far far away there was a water carrier who fetched water every day. Two earthen jars hung from a bamboo stick, one  was cracked at the bottom.

The cracked jar felt worthless and thought it would be better if the water bearer would take another jar. 'what good is there in me? ' he shouted every day, 'look how much water I'm losing, now you have to walk extra for me.'

The water bearer said nothing and just smiled. It went on like this for months. Every day the water bearer walked the same path with the two jars.

One day the cracked jar said: 'This can't go on any longer, why do you make me carry this water when half of it is seeping out? '

The water bearer said nothing and just smiled. This time the water bearer stopped on the way: 'Take a good look around you', he said to the cracked jar, 'what do you see?

The cracked jar saw the most beautiful flowers on one side of the path. And on the other side nothing at all, it was dusty and barren.

"What beautiful flowers," said the cracked jar. 'I haven't seen them before.'

'Because you lost water at the bottom of your jar, I came up with an idea, the man said, 'I thought if I plant seeds now, along the path, on your side. Who knows what will happen then. ' And look! 'Thanks to you I have the most beautiful flowers to give to my wife.

From that moment on the cracked jar was happy and cheerful because he saw what happened because it was cracked. The entire path had become a sea of ​​flowers.

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