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my life story 

On a hot summer night in August I was born in a children's home. My baby bed was surrounding with other baby beds. Little creatures like me who has started their life on earth a little bit different.. 


A spiritual path

I was lucky to be adopted by lovely family and at age of 18 months I walked into my new life.

Although I had a kind of  comfortable and steady youth,  I always felt ' on my own' and start my spiritual path at a very young age. I have always felt that we are all come of a beautiful source , called ' The Universe.  

I start practicing Buddhist Meditation at age of 18 years old. It was at a certain moment that I was introduced to a Buddhist meeting and I felt: at home. I decided to dedicate myself to it. Two hours a day and it changed my life! The Buddhist organization was wonderful with very nice and lovable people. Some of them are still my closest friends. I discovered that time is awesome and that we can create more time if we give time to create value in our live .I've learned that I could create my life in a way I could not dream of. In those days it was not that fancy and accepted as it is nowadays in society to meditate and being involved with spiritual matters like learning about aura's, chakra's , past lives etc. I hardly talked about it in my social life.

In a way this is also good, because then you are more connected with your own path, instead of comparing yourself with others. But after years of intense practicing I felt I have to leave the save and spiritual group. In that period I followed a study as Dance Therapist but felt that I was too young to help others.

The only way to learn about life is to live it. You can not learn only from meditation, you have to feel and experience life and most important: learn from ' mistakes'. 

 I started a career in the High End Fashion industry and created a life of luxury and traveling. I wanted to ' proof' to myself that I was good enough to be accepted in this world, be valued, be successful. Yes I was a multi tasker and was always trying to have the best results out of sales, production and design. But ' deep down ' I felt more and more empty and not full filled at all..

I followed yoga classes now and then and at one class ' the light went on again'. I realized that I was not on the right track anymore..and I felt: I want to become a yoga teacher. I had no idea why this came into me.but I knew: I have to follow this voice. And slowly I started to find my way back to myself. From the first moment of teaching yoga and meditation I felt home again. 

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