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Something Special

Crazy Souls

Meet this inspiring woman , who follow their own SoulPath. The braves & the crazy ones. The ones who do it, even if they are afraid of doing it. 

EveryThursday LIVE on insta! 

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We feel it's time to bring some sparkle & inspiration and to expose some beautiful stories of courage, follow your heart and make strong decisions. 


Meet Saskia ,  Spanish teacher who organize Language Retreats, Fulvia, a great Jazz Singer who lives in Rome and decided to live in FuertaVentura, Sissi, a dancer from Paris, who lives like a real Hippie in her Van in Andalusia , spreading her medicine: Ayurveda & Yoga.

And Jesca, born Dutch , lives in Australia, and is an Event Manager for Surf Film Festivals. 

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Meet them here

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I'm a Spanish Teacher who loves to connect by language and cultures. I organise language - retreats to Spain. 



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I'm Sissi, I'm a dancer and a specialist in Ayurveda & Yoga. And I love to make art, paintings and mix yoga with dance. 



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 I'm Jesca,, born in the Netherlands. Went living in Australia in her 20s,. I love creating moments and  events that will leave you inspired and filled with joy.



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I'm a jazz singer who lives in Rome. For now as i have decided to move to Spain or the Canary Islands. I love adventure and traveling. Listen to her music here 

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