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20-24 juni 2024 - LIVE

30 minutes

Daily Yoga

Learn in a few steps how to integrate your Daily Yoga Practise in your life. 



Do you know that feeling, when you have to clean your house, and did not anything for more then a week? That's suddenly a lot of work right? You see all the things you have to do and you feel it's better not to start at all, because you don't know how. sounds that familiar to you? Or after a holiday of eating al that you want, you suddenly have to come to ' normal' and start with a diet. Or if you have a garden and did not do anything for months. Everything that you let go..grows..;) . However when you look at your yogapractise it's highly advised to start practicing 20 minutes a day. why? Because it's much more easier to continue and it will give you good results. Like;

What you learn

Every pattern is created by actions. So if you want to change a pattern you have to change your actions. So instead of staying lazy on your couch, you are invited to step on your mat. 


And there is much more

You will learn about how your mind works


You will learn techniques to observe and calm

your mind


You will learn how to improve your life with taking time ( special for those who are always out of time)


You will learn how to focus better


You will learn how to deepen your contact with

your Inner Self ( some call this your Higher Self) 


You will learn how much value you create for your life and other people around you when you take time to be silent. 


You will learn how to use your mind instead of being used by your mind. 


You will learn that you have your mind to solve problems instead of creating them. 


You will learn that you have that same magic silence and wisdom inside you as you can find in Nature. 


You will feel more contact with your ' true self ' or your ' inner self ' . 

And also

You will get a stronger body


You will feel more fit


You will learn how to improve your lifestyle 


You will learn how to create a holistic lifestyle


You will feel more energetic


You will have more confidence in your yoga practise


You will improve your relationship with your body


You will have more fun by practising yoga


You will experience more quality in life 


You will feel more joy and connection 


How does it work? 

To join this 5 - Days Online  & Live Journey.

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- Inspiration 

- Personal Voice Messages

- Extra surprises! 

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