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Crazy Souls

Meet them here

How lovely to read the stories of these inspiring woman woh find a home within themselves and follow their SoulPath

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I am Saskia, born in the Netherlands, but the world runs through my veins; German, Norwegian, Sami, Indonesian, Dayak, Dutch and I have always felt that it is my purpose to connect and unite people. 


Languages and cultures have always been my passion, having been educated in three languages and having lived in different cultures. My expertises are Spanish, Spain and Mexico. I studied Languages and Cultures of Latin America and lived in Mexico and Spain. I have been teaching Spanish for more than 15 years now. I love to share my passion for the Spanish and Mexican languages and cultures and want you to really connect. My programmes are focussed on speaking with confidence. Since I believe that the best way to learn a language is by using it, I also organise language retreats where you are invited to speak and learn Spanish in daily situations while being pampered and indulged with natural foods, beautiful surroundings and a beautiful venue in Spain. Learn more about my teachings and visit my website below. 


I was arise in a very wealthy family of paris

Where study was predominante but i decide to be a dancer, not very well accept

I was working for 10 year like a dancer in paris and 5 years in the célebre cabaret ALCAZAR DE PARIS


After i had a wish to be more inside with sculpture, painting 

My creativity broughtg me to find yoga 


I study yoga in a Europeen school but very quickly I met a

Master who teach me the real yoga, yoga classical

My last máster was 227years 


I am specialist in  ayurveda, my next ayurvedic panchakarma

retreat will be  in may  (Andalusia) 

And I create and teach Dolphin Dance Flow. 


Every week I  give an online class of yoga and meditation


I dance now a lot in the street Of paris and andalusia 

I fell more like ENGAGE ARTIST

My dream is to create a Caravana of conscieness where CREATIVE PEOPLE ON THE ROAD helping, giving information Who still hide to the population

I live in my van, in a very basic way 

My mean cost are my animals🐪🦄🐿️🦔 and they eat a lot!!!!! 

I am not a revolutionary person ,and the one who protest even when i am in paris i go to join in the street the gilet jaune but more for the friend ship of emphatic people like me, and it fell warm in my heart to meet them

I believe  more in solution than protestation

I am in a  "evolutionary" project for more awareness

Mankind in relation with tree, water, air 

It is one of the solution for the planet and for humanity

Nature help us also to find our own nature!! And in the nature there are solutions for us.




“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song” Chinese proverb


I am a singer/songwriter, poet, performer, a voice coach. I am a traveler and a story teller...Singing is my zen meditation practice. 


I'm  a polyglot cosmopolite artist, as she likes to define herself, a “World Citizen/Global Nomad”. I  come from Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Latin America and The Netherlands…I'm  a blend of north and south, cold and warm, dark and light…rootless by faith but looking for her roots inside herself…


I lately  found some “rooting” in the desert of a beautiful Canary island where i recalled memories and images from my childhood…the same smells and colors and silence and stars i grew up with in the Sahara desert…

I'm  raised in the dunes of the Lybic desert, the savannah of Cameroun and the arid/desertic Algerian landscapes, before reaching the occidental world and living in some of the most beautiful European cities, Paris, Rome, Granada and Rotterdam.

Some Links to find more about me


I'm Jesca Maas, born in the Netherlands and grew up in Hilversum. I  went traveling to Australia in my 20s, loved it so much that I stayed. I  love spending time in nature, traveling and getting to know people from different cultures. I'm  passionate about living a holistic life, based on the blue zone principles where eating fresh foods, community, body movement and living life in joy and on purpose are key to a long life in good health. Fun is important for me, and I love creating moments and events that will leave you inspired and filled with joy.


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