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Kintsugi - The art of Healing


n the 15th century, there was once an emperor in Japan who wanted to have his special porcelain tea bowl repaired that had fallen. He was not happy with the result as he was given the tea bowl back with metal staples.

A craftsman suggested another method: to repair the broken pieces with glue made of GOLD. And so a new and beautiful form of craft was born: KINTSUGI. Cracked porcelain items repaired with gold. And so the beautiful specimens were created.

This beautiful craft is also symbolic in various healing methods of the SEE L.

There are moments, periods in your life when you are completely broken and it seems as if everything has fallen apart into a thousand pieces. We all know these periods and they are part of life. If you lose a loved one, your company goes bankrupt, your marriage/relationship is over or you become ill. A burnout, for example. Or if you had a very difficult childhood as a child. These periods leave scars but are also your STRENGTH! That is my life motto. Those who know me well know that I have gone through intensely difficult periods, starting in my childhood. But it has made me who I am NOW and I feel GRATEFUL for who I am. And I have met many people in my life with the deepest pains, the people who have been through a lot, the people who have had great losses and these are often the people I admire the most, their strength, their wisdom, their resilience. It is these people who inspire me, it is these people who teach me that it is their pain that has transformed them into who they are today. Strong, radiant people who are capable of a lot. These people inspire me and many others.

That is also what I base my yoga teachings and coaching sessions on.

Your pain and struggle is your power - your GOLD - in your life. It makes you more beautiful, whole and unique. And you can EMBRACE that every day.

Yes, maybe it is true that you are or were 'broken', yes maybe it is true that you have emotional scars, yes maybe your life has not always turned out according to the 'perfect' picture. But you know: that is precisely what makes you as a person so beautiful and unique - powerful and shrouded in GOLD.

Or as Rumi puts it so beautifully: 'The wound is were the light enters you'.

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