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Silence & the Bird

Updated: Feb 1

2024 started very quietly for me, not that it was quiet around me, on the contrary with all the fireworks bombs and deafening bangs that went on for hours and hours, but on New Year's Day I woke up without a voice.

A strange sensation and with every attempt I made a sound came out that reminded me of the many crows around here.

I prefer a blackbird or song thrush and think they sound rather clumsy. Because I suddenly felt like a crow, because of the sound of my own voice, I linked to it. And so in recent days I immersed myself again in the life of this special animal.

Now I must say that I have been very surprised many times in the past by the enormous intelligence of these animals. I once witnessed a beautiful spectacle when I was taking Mila for a walk: In the trash can along the field where we always walk, there was a half-empty container of fries. A large, impressive crow showed off his fantastic technique of removing the bowl, pulling off the bag around it and then enjoying the treats together with a few friends.

And Mila was saved from drowning by a crow years ago. She was still a puppy and we were in the yard on a cold winter day in January. I was messing around outside and Mila was wandering around me... until I suddenly noticed that she was gone. I went to take a look at the shed, walked around the house, but no Mila. Suddenly I heard the crow of a crow. And at that moment I felt deep inside: oops, Mila! Magical how instinct works, because I immediately knew that I had to look in the ditches. That remains bizarre. And yes... after 10 minutes I was able to fish her out of one of the icy ditches, she had fallen in. If the crow hadn't called, I don't know what bad thing would have happened.

Carrion Crows are very intelligent birds and if you look closely you will see a beautiful green-blue sheen on their feathers.


Spiritual From a spiritual point of view, crows are associated with magic and are the symbol of creative power and spiritual power.

The crow invites you to 'let go' but also to set clear boundaries. The crow is also a symbol of connection and even though you may feel lonely, in fact you never are if you 'look with your heart'.

Anyway, the sound of a crow in my voice and this is connected to my throat chakra. It is necessary to 'be quiet' for a while because then you will hear better. And secretly I love it: experiencing the silence within myself in all the chaos around me, here in the city. Gradually my voice is coming back and I have learned another beautiful lesson. About myself and these beautiful animals.

Little Gift

Because I have now started my days in silence again, I have also noticed how nice it is. So that's why I'm giving this wonderful Online Journey as a gift until January 15. You can do the Journey from the comfort of your couch and you will receive a workbook, daily inspiration and meditations. Just a soft & light bath to start the year 2024. Register and log in by this link:

Happy start to a beautiful new year,

Love, Aliye

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