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Your Breath

Updated: Apr 18

With our first breath as a newborn baby we 'land' here on earth. It is the connection that is made with our planet Earth. When the baby breathes, it is said: it is alive! When we leave the earth, we do so with our last breath.

Years ago I regularly suffered from panic attacks and miraculously during a diving session I discovered how powerful the control of your breathing can be: If you breathe deeply and calmly while diving you stay low and in line near the bottom. If you don't do this, it will be much more difficult to glide gradually and controlled through the underwater landscape. This is because you keep holding in too much air and your body actually becomes a balloon. You then 'bounce' up and down, or in the worst case you shoot upwards, which is even very dangerous. Because I learned to control my breathing while obtaining my diving certification and mastered this breathing technique, my self-confidence also increased considerably. I noticed that I felt very calm and nice after a diving session. After obtaining my diving license, I never suffered from panic attacks again, because I naturally started breathing much more calmly. I had become aware of the power of breathing.

Breathing and emotion

Breathing is essential for everyone and yet we often pay little attention to it. Emotions such as fear have a huge influence on our breathing, but incorrect breathing can also trigger these emotions. And of course, STRESS causes excessive breathing, which makes you feel even more stressed. When this becomes your (unconscious) way of breathing, it can cause many complaints such as: hyperventilation, headache, intestinal complaints and even heart rhythm disorders.

During a breathing exercise in a yoga class, I often hear that my students now finally understand that they were not aware of the importance of good breathing at all. They then say that for the first time in their lives they feel that they are actually always breathing very quickly. And that they even hold their breath when they experience stress or pressure.

Fear, worry and stress cause you to (unconsciously) shorten and block your breathing. This has a cramping effect on your body. As a result, your natural life energy does not flow properly, so you experience even more tension and stress.

What actually happens in your body while breathing?

You have a wonderful 'tool' in your body for breathing: the respiratory system. This consists of your lungs, nose, oral cavity, the trachea, tracheal branches and the alveoli. This is a wonderful system that ensures that the air you breathe is purified as much as possible. The physical purpose of your breathing is to bring oxygen into your body. This oxygen is absorbed from the lungs into your blood and travels throughout your body, so that every cell is supplied with oxygen and can convert it into energy. The CO2 you breathe out is the end product of complete combustion of sugars, proteins and fats, among other things.

By breathing deeper you not only ensure that your body gets the oxygen it needs for growth and development and overall health and vitality, you also influence its rhythm. Calm breathing ensures peace in your mind. It ensures that you feel less rushed and that you can stay true to yourself much better. You may now understand from this explanation that good breathing is essential. Through your breathing you connect with your body and yourself and from here it is much easier to connect with others and the world around you. And by the way, you don't take a breath exactly, but you receive it. Because of the pressure of air, the air outside you 'wants to flow inside you. Although it seems that you take a breath, in fact it's the other way around. You ' receive ' a breath.

Effect of good breathing

The effect of good breathing is endless and calm breathing ensures, among other things:

  • – relaxation

  • – good blood circulation

  • – good waste disposal

  • – proper functioning of your muscles (preventing acidification)

  • – good concentration

  • - good night

  • – overall feeling of well-being

  • - feel connected

  • – contact with yourself

Oxygen in the air

The summer months ahead are wonderful months to pay attention to this, the trees that are in full bloom and provide us with the oxygen we so desperately need. Walk through a forest or park and consciously breathe in the air while also consciously connecting with the beautiful trees around you. They give you what you need: oxygen! Breathing very consciously for 10 minutes EVERY DAY, focusing your attention on this, can give you a lot of peace. You will also notice that if you 'breathe consciously' you become much calmer. You automatically go from your head to your body.

Try this exercise yourself

First close your eyes for a moment and focus on your breathing. Place your hands on your stomach. Observe your breathing quietly and connect with it. For example, can you notice how your breathing is today, and at this moment? Take some time for this too. Then breathe in slowly through your nose and let the breath flow all the way to your stomach. The exhalation is also done consciously, you actually gradually let go of your breath. I always compare it to a balloon that you slowly deflate. Repeat this conscious breathing 10-15 times. Then slowly open your eyes.

Let life flow

Go outside a lot in the coming months, consciously breathe the oxygen-rich air and be grateful for this wonderful gift. Also take some time to sit on a beach and imagine how this healthy and rich air gives you the nourishment your body and mind need. Your breathing deserves your attention. Take the TIME to BREATHE and let LIFE flow.

Please check this link if you want to know more how to learn to use your breath to support you in your in daily life.

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