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7 - days Journey

Rise 2024

Get ready for a life full of new possibilities and opportunities. This world needs strong & bright people who are willing to live their fullest potential. 

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It's time to Rise. After a period of introspection in the Deep Winter, going deeper in yourself , finding new paths and ways to live, let go the old YOU.  It's time to RISE. As this world needs strong and bright people who dare to step in their own power of light and potential. 

How does it work? 

-Daily  you can login and renew  with lot's of inspiration and new insights. 

-Daily  get  inspiration of yogaposes that support you with the theme of the day. ( all levels) 

- Daily  you will receive a meditation that connects you on a deeper level with the keyword of that day.

Special for you  you will receive a beautiful WORKBOOK that will guide you through this Journey. 

* You will have always acces to this Journey. 

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What will you learn? 

This 7 - days Journey is a great BOOST give yourself!By 7 clear steps you willl follow the rythm of your body, mind & Soul. When you bring this into alignment you will noticed that doors open up in your life you didn't even know they were there. 

-Day 1:  We will start with the foundation in your life: TRUST. Trust is like a muscle, you can work on. By training this powerful ' muscle' you will notice that life starts to FLOW from another level. 

-Day 2:What wants to FLOW through you? As this is different for everyone of us, however it's that immense energy of Universal Greatness that we have all acces to. 

- Day 3: Connect with the centrum of your body: your CORE. Your corestrenght is part of your character and also having the strength to stand behind yourself, no matter what. CoreStrenght will give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and explore totally new paths.

- Day 4: Your heart wants to HEAL heal others and heal this planet. We all have parts in ourselves that needs special attention & care. at the other hand: exactly those parts in you that need to be healed are your GOLD. Like Rumi says: it's the wound where the LIGHT enters you. 

Day 5: There's in all of us that part that wants to CREATE

as we are CREATORS-We all have that beautiful strength to manifest and create the life we vision. If you look around you , you will see the creation of human kind. All has started first with a VISION. To create, you need to express yourself. 

Day 6: What are your DREAMS? A life without DREAMS is not a complete and fulfilled life. Dreams makes you fly through life , instead of crawling. Dreams creates connection, dreams creates opportunities, dreams creates healing and manifestation. To connect with your dreams you connect with your Soul. 

Day 7:The essence of who you are is: JOY. Joy is that smooth flowing river that keeps you going into life with a peaceful mind. Worries and stress are disappear when your life is based on JOY. Can you feel and believe that you are JOY?


Your Energy

Don't use your energy to worry,

Use  your energy to believe, create, trust, grow, manifest and heal.

How to Join? 

For a small investment  you can join this beautiful Journey that I have created with lot's of love to encourage you to shine your Light ! 

You can enroll for  77 euro .

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