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Welcome in your 7 - days Journey

Rise 2024

Congratulations that you made your first step to renew yourself. Rise 2024 will give you a lot of insights, inspiration and tools. 


How does it work?

You can follow this 7 - days totally on your own ritme. It's strongly advised to follow the steps and reserve an hour a day for this Journey. Also make sure you carry a notebook with you these week. Every day you will receive an email with inspiration and encouragement. And an acces button to enter that day. 

On this page you will find your WorkBook and your Yoga WorkBook. You can download them by the links you will find further on this page. 

Integrate Yoga & Meditation

To get more out of this Journey it's highly advised to integrate a daily Yoga & Meditation practice in your life. During this program you can start with it or combine it with the hour you have reserved to follow the program. I have created a Yoga WorkBook with some  inspiration for poses ( all levels)  wich can support the theme of that day. And a guided meditation as well. However you are FREE to do your own practice off course. To warm up your body I advice you to do the Sun Salution every day as this is a very powerful practice to raise up you energy and warm - up your body. If you need more private and personal support in your Yoga Practise you can book a  Private Yoga 4 You Session by this link: Yoga4You

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Yoga WorkBook
Rise 2024

Rise 2024

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