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Writing & Reading is Healing

When I have started my spiritual path you could read a book about a subject you wanted to know more about. Reading is very peaceful as you can decide:

-how long to go on,

-it calms your mind,

-it holds space for your own RITME of understanding and integrating.

When you read a novel for example you will be part of that story because you will use your own creativity and imagination of adapting this story. Insights will appear naturally as you will give the story some time. Sometimes they make a film of a beautiful novel and this can be totally different then the way YOU experience the novel. But the movie become a hit and you might even think that your perception was not the right one.

Nowadays we learn a lot by video and online training. Look how INSTA has changed for example: Insta has started by sharing beautiful pictures. Now it’s totally focussed on REELS. To be honest I have lost myself in this a bit and I noticed that it might be overwhelmed. It brings me back to how I feel and experience my own Spiritual Path and how to walk it?

When I have started SoulWare I’ve started with writing. As writing is a very natural flow for me. Writing goes early and sometimes when I walk my dog , story’s just flow through me and I have to write them down.

When I was a child

When I was a child I wrote in my diary, that was lovely to do. I still have them all. Words have an immense power of energy. And have the ability to connect with a higher frequency as well. Especially the non-spoken words. As they hold space for the reader to connect with that energy in themselves.

Writing is very powerful as words has energy and gives the reader the possibility to adapt on a natural way. Writing and reading gives the possibility to re - treat yourself from the world around you. You can be in your own world and experience the power of silence.

That’s why you also have the possibility to choose how you want to experience my online journeys for example: you can read or listen. It’s how you to prefer to learn and be inspired. Try Silent Mornings - 3 days Journey for FREE until March 21th! Learn more here

I love to share my blogs with you. In English and in Dutch by the way. You can check the link in my bio. Like the blog I wrote about FEAR. As a lot people experience this nowadays. And I had overcome intense panic - attacks in my life and deep fear, so I can speak from own experience. In my blog I wil give you some inspiration how to deal with this and to share that you are not alone with this.

Do you prefer to read in Dutch? Absolutely possible. You can start here. You will find a lot of free publications, podcasts etc. All waiting for you and to support you on your authentic journey.

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